RBE – Red BIOS Editor

Red BIOS Editor is a utility that allows you to increase or decrease frequencies, as well as adjust various parameters of video cards. Unlike other programs, Red BIOS Editor directly modifies the video card BIOS. While flashing the BIOS always comes with some risk, there are undeniable advantages to this method.

Benefits of Red BIOS Editor

  • A large number of video cards are supported.
  • There is no need to run various overclocking utilities at Windows startup.
  • You can also tune the GPU power, which is beyond the power of most common utilities.
  • Red BIOS Editor allows you to control the parameters of the cooling fan of the video card.

Key features

  • Can display and modify many information lines within the BIOS file, including device ID and vendor ID.
  • Refers to each PowerPlay state and can change the GPU clock speed, RAM clock speed, and voltage for each separately.
  • Displays the PowerPlay structure in BIOS.
  • Also displays the voltages that the card can use.
  • Can very conveniently graphically display and modify four different fan controllers and automatically detect which controller is used for a specific BIOS.
  • RBE modifies the BIOS overdrive signature to allow for a higher overclocking limit. Signatures can also be extracted and saved to a file.
  • Because of this, the annoying spinning bug will disappear from some maps.
  • Provides excellent PowerPlay.
  • Contains a profile editor for accessing hidden features of the CCC panel.
  • Retrieving and flashing all BIOSes from RBE using the built-in WinFlash interface.

Red BIOS Editor allows writing all MPT modifications directly to RX 5700, 5700 XT (X) and RX 5600 XT BIOS and output this BIOS as a writable file.

Polaris tabs only become visible after you have loaded the appropriate BIOS. In the Clock and Voltage section, you will find the most important settings to breathe some more life into the card. The labels speak for themselves.

Power Tune provides more resources, but don’t rush to get carried away. Adjust as much as necessary, otherwise you can disable your video card. The fan control is also adaptable and is a really interesting field for your own experiments. However, you must be very careful with memory timings.

Download Red BIOS Editor

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Update history


  • Polaris support


  • VRAM Timing Editor


  • Fixed issue with BIOS files> 512KB


  • Timings were not fully saved (VRAM issue)


  • Fixed issues with unicode


  • Fixed issue with VRAM


  • Red BIOS Editor Release

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