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This application will help you find out the characteristics of the chip and memory, BIOS and driver versions, current and standard frequencies, temperatures and fan speeds, GPU and memory load, and much more. In addition, there is the possibility of overclocking the graphics adapter with the function of changing the voltage on the chip core and controlling the rotational speed of the fan blades. NVIDIA Inspector also includes a built-in GeForce driver profile editor. The program does not require installation.

Features of the latest version of Nvidia Inspector

  • Get & Install: Get information about your graphics card and set the best settings for better performance.
  • Overclocking: Use this little tool and overclock your graphics card to get the best performance.
  • Best settings: Use the best Nvidia inspector settings to get the right environment for all types of games.
  • FPS cap and increase: Easily use this feature to increase FPS or set a cap on FPS.
  • Command Line Options: Nvidia’s Inspector also has command line options. With which you can tune or overclock your video card by providing various commands.

Using the Nvidia Inspector

The main application of this tool is GPU overclocking. This helps to improve processor performance to provide the required environment. There are many other options available. But the main goal of Nvidia’s inspector is to overclock the graphics card. We also shared the best Nvidia inspector settings. By applying these settings, you will get the best performance from your graphics card. It is free software for Windows operating system. Using this little tool, you can create a suitable environment for any game. It includes many settings and options. You can create your own customization.

Download Nvidia Inspector

Features of the program

A distinctive feature of the application is its narrow specialization – work in the Windows environment with video cards of the Nvidia brand. By default, only statistical data is displayed in the program window; to gain access to the overclocking option for the video card, use the Show Overlocking command. Technically, the acceleration of the adapter is carried out by moving the sliders towards increasing the supply voltage and component frequency. Changes take effect after clicking the “Apply Clocks & Voltage” button. In order to avoid damage to the device, it is not recommended to select the maximum values ​​of the parameters and disable the automatic mode of fan speed control.

Among the advantages of Nvidia Inspector:

  • availability of analysis of systems with multiple video adapters;
  • the ability to return to the default settings;
  • the convenience of use.

Thanks to the simple interface, even in the absence of support for the Russian language, working with the program is not difficult. NVIDIA Inspector, released in 2017, includes bug fixes and improvements.

System requirements for Nvidia Inspector

  • OS Required: Requires Windows operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 OR Windows XP).
  • Size on disk: A minimum of 300KB is required to download and use this tool.
  • Memory: Requires at least 256MB of RAM to operate.
  • Graphics Card: Use an Nvidia graphics card to get the most out of this tool.

We’ve provided the latest version of Nvidia’s inspector for Windows. This can help you get the most out of your graphics card. This tool is very easy to use and we’ve also shared the best setup guides for you. Using this guide, you can easily configure your Nvidia graphics cards. This little software includes GPU settings from A to Z. It first extracts the GPU data you have installed. It then provides options to customize it.

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