NiceHash Miner Legacy setup

Nicehash Miner Legacy is an advanced legacy miner from the NicehashMiner line. This program has a simple interface that is suitable for owners of computers and farms with video cards from AMD.

The software supports new algorithms that help to increase “production” and the speed of mining cryptocurrency on AMD video chips.

Useful features

The main function of the program is to enable a benchmark for your equipment in automatic mode, as well as the selection of optimal mining algorithms that accelerate the production of “digital money”.

This software supports working with Neoscrypt, CryptoNight, Skunk, Sia, ClaymoreZcash, DaggerHashimot and other exchanges to receive cryptocurrency. The program selects “digital coins” automatically, analyzing the current rates of popular exchanges. All statistics about “approximate” earnings per day and month are displayed in the main window of the software.

NM Legacy analyzes “your hardware” according to the situation in the “cryptocurrency” market. Start earning by clicking on the “Start” button after linking the Bitcoin wallet number and analyzing the equipment with a benchmark.

Key features

  • The program has a choice of options for mining algorithms;
  • Determination of an approximate algorithm for the extraction of “digital coins”;
  • Mining in parallel using the power of the processor and video card;
  • Software works in portable mode and does not require installation;
  • The graphical shell of the miner is created simply and conveniently.

How to set up NiceHash Miner

The first thing we do is set “Localization”, in our case closer to Europe – Amsterdam. After that we press the “Benchmark” button to start the test of your equipment. There we select the “type of benchmark” – standard, and press start. The miner will go through all the algorithms, set the mining speed for each algorithm and determine what is more profitable to mine. This is a mandatory action, you can’t do without it.

Download NiceHash Miner Legacy

How to mine with NiceHash Miner

Before mining, you need to perform all the actions above, as they did, read below and execute!

After the test, close the “Benchmark” window. Next, you need to insert the “Bitcoin address” into the window, this is a wallet to which your earned coins will be sent in terms of bitcoins. After entering the bitcoin address, enter a new “worker name”. You can enter any, but the main thing is that the names are different on your farms.

After that we press the “Start” button. Such a miner window will appear.

В командной строке будут показаны все ваши карты и выдавамые скорости. На нашем примере видно 2 видеокарты:

  • GPU #0: GeForce GT 750M, с 47.00 H/s
  • GPU #1: GeForce GT 750M, с 42.72 H/s

These cards are installed in a laptop and it is not planned to mine on them, the launch was made only for instructions and no more.

In the second window, we have the NiceHash Miner itself. Now we can see the daily profitability of 0.14 USD at the very bottom of the window. Slightly higher in the “Group / Device Bets” section, we see the overall speed from two cards and the algorithm on which the miner is digging, which is the most profitable at the moment. Above in the “Devices” section are our cards and processor.

If you click on “Check statistics”, a page will open in the browser with statistics and profitability, on the page you can see detailed information about profitability, efficiency, your workers, unpaid balance, mining statistics and payment forecast.

At this stage, we have configured and launched NiceHash Miner. It remains only to wait for the payment to your bitcoin wallet, after which it will be possible to transfer to any currency of interest or save, until the next pump.

What's new in the latest version?

  • Updated ccminer_nanshi to 2.2
  • 5-10% improvement in Lyra2REv2
  • New NVIDIA drivers required. If you get a driver error, you can copy the ccminer_nanashi folder from boxes to stay on the old version
  • The old version of ClaymoreCryptonote is now a separate entry
  • Allows users to choose which one to use
  • The new version can provide a speed boost, but does not work on all maps (see here for an approximate list of supported maps)
  • Disable the new version and check the old version if the new one is causing problems.
  • Fixed display bug in Xmr-Stak-CPU where it could show 0 H / s
  • Fixed bug for old
  • ClaymoreCryptonote
  • NiceHash Miner Legacy Pre-release 3


  • Worker name can now contain up to 15 characters (previously 7)
  • Ability to run a script when a CUDA device is lost
  • Claymore Crytponote miner updated to 10.2
  • Added Xmrig miner for CPU CryptoNight
  • Neoscrypt support activated for sgminer (AMD)
  • Added the ability to change the time unit for the profit rate (hour, week, month, year)


  • Miner update rates are now performed asynchronously and should not block the UI
  • Added a new option in ClaymoreDual 10.0, now NVIDIA indexing will work correctly if the system has cards from
  • AMD, but AMD detection has been disabled
  • Advanced option to disable health check if it causes problems
  • Language improvements

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