How to use MultiMiner and its features

MultiMiner is a desktop application that allows you to mine digital coins and perform monitoring on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux. The software has an intuitive and simple interface. The program allows individual computing devices to easily switch between cryptocurrencies.

The peculiarity of MultiMiner is that it uses a highly specialized “basic mining mechanism”. This makes it easy to detect available mining hardware. A convenient setting allows you to choose between alternative coins.

Program Features

  • Multi-purpose: developers recommend using the software for both beginners and experts. The software is extremely easy to use and is not oversaturated with highly specialized terms.
  • Advanced Features: Many advanced features have been added to the system to ensure timely support. Among other MultiMiner programs, the ability to automatically detect network devices stands out. The application is able to do remote monitoring and control systems.
  • Compatibility: You can work with the app on your computer or mobile device.

Who is this software intended for?

New users

The app has made sure that beginners are comfortable working with it. The software has an integrated “get started wizard”, which makes mining fast and easy.

The system allows for automatic updates to ensure continuous operation of the MultiMiner.

Users receive regular notifications from the program. They report profitable coins that should be considered for mining purposes.

Advanced users

For experienced users, the software also includes a number of useful features. In MultiMiner is configurable strategies for automatically mining currencies. To simplify the mining of coins, the Stratum Proxy mechanism was built into the application.

The platform allows you to monitor online news services to help Shakhtar keep up to date with all the latest developments in the world of crypto.

Coin Farmers

The software is ideal for miners who are dedicated to mining full-time. There is an automatic detection of autonomous “miners” that can work in your network.

The program has remote viewing, management of other MultiMiner installations on the network.

Working with the program

When you first launch the app, it will allow you to see the status of all connected devices. First of all, information about the speed of currency mining is displayed. The technical condition of the farm is also indicated. From the applied load to the heating temperature. Based on the data obtained, the utility allows you to see how cost-effective this process is.

Initially, the user will need to connect to the mining pool. With its help, you can get money for the power provided. This can be easily done using a special step-by-step wizard. Then you need to adjust the supplied power, and you can start working. You can change the currency mining strategy, the pool, and even the currency being mined at any time. You can mine both well-known and rare types of cryptocurrency.

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