GUIMiner for Bitcoin and Litecoin mining-settings and features of work

GUIMiner is a user-friendly graphical interface for mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. This software supports both GPU mining using AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, and CPU mining. Both solo mining and pool mining modes are available, and GUIMiner already has a built-in list of mining pools.

Program Features:

  • The program is already configured to work with popular mining pools. You do not need to configure the connection manually without need.
  • Statistics from all working miners in real time in one place. The software displays the hash rate, the number of accepted / invalid balls (“share”), and the total number of balls per hour.
  • Automatic launch of multiple miners when the program starts.
  • Your pool account balance is displayed online. You can do this from the GUI in the participating pools.
  • Collapses to the notification area. In the notification area, you can view statistics by hovering over the icon, or pause the program from the context menu.

General information about the GUIMiner miner

GUIMiner is one of the most convenient tools for starting Bitcoin mining in Windows OS without any extra effort. GUIMiner’s simple and user-friendly graphical interface allows you to fully control the Bitcoin mining process without having to enter complex commands or constantly edit configuration files.

GUIMiner is the perfect Windows mining software for both beginners and professionals. The program provides many useful features that will help any user to get the maximum amount of Bitcoins with minimal effort.

GUIMiner supports the most popular Bitcoin mining software, including OpenCL Miner for AMD graphics cards, CUDA Miner for Nvidia graphics cards, CGminer for any ASIC Miner, and even Ufasoft Miner for CPU mining. GUIMiner not only supports working with different Bitcoin miners, but also allows you to use several miners at the same time. After completing the configuration of the miners, you can also set up “Autorun”, which will allow you to start mining Bitcoin when the program starts.

Guiminer Scrypt under Win64 for Litecoin Mining

The GUIMiner Scrypt miner is a modification that, unlike the original, allows you to mine block chains of cryptocurrencies. Simply put, this program can be used for mining Litecoin( LTC), Dogecoin and other relatively expensive electronic coins. At the same time, the version without the prefix “scrypt”, produces only Bitcoin, the mining of which has long been not justified either from an economic or technical point of view. If we do not take into account the above differences, then otherwise we have the same GUIMiner with its advantages and disadvantages (the benefit of the first one is much more).

The program supports several modes of cryptocurrency mining at once. For example, it supports CUDA mining and a special mode for working with the Vertcoin currency. If you really want to, you can even turn on a generator that uses CPU power. However, the efficiency of mining with the use of the central processor is extremely low, so it is recommended to run it, except that, in parallel with the mining of currency with GPU power.

But, of course, the main advantage of GUIMiner-scrypt over other similar solutions is the presence of a graphical shell. Most modern miners are console applications. So it is not very convenient to use them, but even a child will understand this program. To start the mining process, just select the mining mode (depending on the manufacturer of the graphics card), and specify the data to connect to the pool. By the way, the program supports solo mode, which does not involve working in a pool. That’s just interesting it will be, except that the owners of especially large farms for the production of cryptocurrency.

In terms of performance, GUIMiner-scrypt does not lag behind, but also surpasses the alternatives. To achieve optimal mining efficiency, the developer recommends using the latest drivers for the graphics adapter.

Key Features of Guiminer Scrypt

  • the possibility of mining cryptocurrency chains, mining Dogecoin, Litecoin and other electronic coins;
    a convenient graphical shell for connecting to pools and managing the mining process;
  • CUDA technology support (for NVIDIA graphics cards);
  • Stratum proxy support;
  • Solo mode for the extraction of crypto currencies without connecting to the pool;
  • Working with AMD graphics cards only if you have the AMD APP SDK installed.

How do I start using GUIMiner?

  • To use GUIMiner, download the latest version of the miner
  • Open and unzip the archive to any location on your PC (for convenience, we recommend doing this on the desktop). Then double-click the executable file “GUIMiner” to open the interface.
  • After launching GUIMiner, simply select the pool for mining (for the most efficient Bitcoin mining, we recommend using the Slush method), enter your registration data and click “Start mining”.
  • After starting the mining process, you will be able to see the summary statistics, the hash rate, the total number of accepted balls and the total number of balls for the last hour.

Settings for the Deepbit pool

  • In the “Server” field, select “deepbit”. In the “Extra flags” field, write “- v -w128 -f8 ” (without quotes).
  • Next, go to the site and we register. Go to the “Advanced…” menu.
  • We need the value “API token”, it is highlighted in bold. Copy the line, click “Refresh balance” in GUIMiner and paste it.
  • In the case of one video card, enter the registered ones on Email and Password in the corresponding fields of the program. If there are two (or more) video cards, or two GPUs on the video card, then you need to create the necessary number of workers, for this on the site in the “My account” panel, we look for a table with the title “Worker”, click on” Create new worker “and”Save settings”.
  • Next, we create a new generator in GUIMiner (File – > New miner -> New OpenCL miner…), give it a name and configure it. Now you can start counting (click ” Start mining!»):

The “Withdraw” button is needed in order to withdraw money to the Bitcoin address specified on in your personal account. This can be a personal Bitcoin wallet or an address from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Settings for the 50btc pool

  • In the “Server” field, select “Other”, in the Host field, write “” (without quotation marks).
  • In the “Extra flags” field, write “- v-w128 ” (without quotation marks).
  • Next, go to the pool and we register. Go to the “Mining” menu, create workers by the number of GPUs in your system(with the button with the image [+]).
  • We enter the received login of the worker in the “Username” field in GUIMiner, the password field can be left empty.
  • For the second (and more) video card, we create a new generator in GUIMiner (File – > New miner -> New OpenCL miner…), give it a name and configure it similarly. Now you can start counting (click ” Start mining!»):

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