EasyMiner fully justifies its literal translation of “simple miner”. This is a free, extremely simple software with an intuitive interface for mining a variety of coins. It can work on the basis of the console programs Cgminer, Ccminer, Cudaminer, Minerd. It also allows neophytes of cryptomining to gain access to their capabilities. Designed for GPU, CPU, asics.

Free and open source code

You do not need to pay a penny to start using the app and earn cryptocurrency. EasyMiner is open source. So you will be able to customize this mining software to suit your needs and tasks.

The app is easy to expand

EasyMiner is an application that performs the functions of a CPU and GPU miner for various cryptocurrencies. The software provides a graphical interface for minerd.exe and cgminer.exe. It supports the getwork mining Protocol, stratum. The program can be used for individual and group mining.

The platform automatically uses AVX, AVX2,SSE2 instructions when they are available. EasyMiner is a lightweight software, with a small amount of CPU and GPU resources, relying only on libcurl and jansson.


The application interface consists of a control panel that provides access to all available functions. All of them are located in the main window of the program and are indicated by icons.

Working with the program

As soon as you run the program, it will prompt you to take a test to determine the hash rate. This is not necessary, but running the check will speed up the process of preparing the GPU for operation.

Before starting mining, you need to configure the GPU and CPU parameters. To do this, you should register on the site. Then enter the address and port of the pool.

The app can load analytics and statistics in real time. The log will display information about all the actions performed. Here you can view the hash rate, accepted, invalid, and general promotions for the past hour. The app also displays important notes and errors so that the user keeps track of problems that occur.


EasyMiner is the only mining software with a paranoid attitude to security issues. The software uses SSD servers so that no one can hack your account or steal cryptocurrency.


With EasyMiner, you will have access to a secure personal wallet. You can use it to transfer or withdraw funds.

Download EasyMiner

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