CGMiner-parameters and settings

Managed by CGMiner via commands. In the folder where the program is unpacked, a file “*.bat” is created, in which all the necessary settings are registered. This eliminates the need to configure the miner at each launch.

Sample file for CGMiner:

cgminer —scrypt -o

stratum+tcp:// -u user.1 -p x

cgminer – path to the startup file

scrypt – the algorithm of the extracted crypt

o-address of the pool

sratum+tcp data is taken on the pool from the “Getting Started” section.

u user. 1 – login on the pool and the name of the worker

p x is the password for the worker

Intensity is the main indicator, ranging from 1 to 20, which affects the speed of the miner. Too high a value can negatively affect the mining speed, as the available memory may run out and the mining speed will decrease. In the worst case, the number of HW errors and incorrect calculations will increase. If the intensity is not set at all, then CGMiner will start setting it dynamically, trying to take into account the possibility of comfortable work on the computer.

The Thread-concurrency characteristic is responsible for the most efficient amount of calculations that the scrypt algorithm can perform. By default, it is configured to maximize the use of the multithreaded shader blocks of the video card that it has. This value must be a multiple of the number of shader blocks of the video card. If “thread-concurrency” is specified ,then “shaders” can be excluded from the file. It is better to search experimentally for the best value for the video card to get the best performance.

GMiner and Decred-mining on AMD and Nvidia graphics cards

Recently, CGMiner released version 5.3.6 of git-tpruvot, which allows Decred mining using both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. The developer announced that this version will work better than the official CGMiner fork for DCR. The new fork has support for two decision – making protocols-the official getwork and the more advanced getwork via stratum.

The miner works with graphics cards from AMD, and on NVIDIA GPU (using OpenCL, not CUDA). NVML monitoring only works in the 64-bit version. Miners mining cryptocurrency on AMD video cards do not experience any problems with the transition to the new version. In addition, using pools with support for Gatework via Stratum, it is possible to get better results when mining Decred.

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