BTC Tools is one of the best and most convenient batch management tools for your ASIC miners. The program allows you to scan ASIC miners, sort them, and perform batch configuration and hardware reboot. The program is easy to use, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced miners

Features of BTC Tools.

BTC Tools introduces the following features:

  • Scan miners belonging to multiple network segments on the local network. Display basic information about miners, such as hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool, worker name, etc.
  • Sort miners by each field, such as hash rate, temperature, worker name, etc. You can easily detect abnormal miners with low hash rate or high temperature, etc.
  • With the «Miner Monitoring» function, BTC Tools can constantly update the information of miners. You can quickly find abnormal miners who combine this feature with sorting.
  • Batch configuration of miners with their pools, worker names (sub-account. miner-postfix), and passwords or mining difficulties. You can configure all miners or only selected miners.
  • Batch restart of miners. You can reload all miners or only selected miners.
  • Batch firmware update for all or selected miners.
  • Batch miner power management in LPM or Enhanced LPM (only suitable for Antminer firmware, which has the «Low Power Mode» and «High Power Mode» options on the configuration page)
  • Batch control of the miner frequency in overclocking or overclocking mode (available only for Antminer firmware with the «Mode» or «Operating Mode» drop-down list on the configuration page)
  • Support for most Antminers and parts of Avalon miners, including AntminerS17, T17, S9, S7, T9, etc., as well as AvalonA8, A7, A6, etc. (The reset function is only available for Antminers, scanning and configuration is available with both Antminers and Avalon Miners.)

How to use BTCTool

Important! It is worth noting one important feature, which is that to search for asic, you need to have asic and the computer where you actually started the program work on the same network, that is, for example, if you have a wireless wi-fi network, then both asic and the computer must be connected to this wi-fi network.

  • Extract the compressed package you downloaded, and then double-click the extracted «BTC Tools.exe».
  • MTK Tools automatically imports the current network segment of the computer as an IP scan range. If the IP address range is correct, you can click the «Scan Miner» button to start scanning the miners.
  • If the IP address range is incorrect, you can double-click or right-click the item in the IP Address Range field to make changes. You can also click » + «to add a new IP address range, or» — » to delete it.

Search for ASICs using the BTCTool program.

Then, to search for ASICs, you should click on the «Scan» button, which will search for ASICs. As the program runs, the progress bar next to the button will change. All this time, the program will scan the network, loading it, which is why you should turn off all programs and unnecessary devices from this network, so as not to load the network and so that the check (scan) is successful.

In the process of searching for devices, the watch in the list will be displayed below. In the list, you can see the IP, the status of the ASICs, the name, the mode of operation, and the two hash rate values of the ASICs that were found during the search. In addition, there is information on the heating temperature of the ASICs, the speed of rotation of the fans, the time of operation of the watches in the active mining mode, as well as the addresses of the pools and vokers to which the ASICs are actually connected.

In order to use this program to configure them, you should double-click on the address. After waiting for the download, you will see a panel for configuring ASIC, where there are a large number of items. To restart the asics, you need to go to the «reboot» menu and click on the corresponding button.

The main point of the program is that you can configure your ASICs from any device and geographical location.

BTC Tools download

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