Bitminter Mining Pool

Bitminter Mining Pool is one of the oldest mining pools. The software started its work in 2011 with the main goal-to facilitate the mining of bitcoins. The brand is owned and operated by the Norwegian company Aesir Financial AS. According to the information provided by the company, its customer base is 450,000 people. The program has won the hearts of users with its reliability, time-tested, and simple management. It has everything you need to make mining easy and win high payouts for your investors.

Bitminter Payout System

The software uses a scoring system to split payouts. Mining shifts are divided into 10 categories. A new shift starts when 1/10 of the current mining difficulty is overcome or a new block is found. Payouts are based on the ratio of 1 terahash and are added to your account. Bitminter is one of the first in the industry. This allowed the software to gather a team of experienced miners around its site.

The platform allows you to mine both bitcoins and registered coins. The payout threshold for Bitcoin is low. It is only 0.01 bitcoin. The software allows you to set the minimum payout amount to your wallet. When the specified number is reached, the funds are automatically transferred to your account. Miners with significant hashing power can request a manual payout for amounts below the minimum automatic payout.

Bitminter differs from other mining pools in that it allows you to create your own account only using open IDs, Gmail or other accounts. You will not be able to register via the social networks Facebook and Twitter. They are not supported by the software. But this approach deters users who are not willing to share their personal data with the pool owners.

An uncluttered interface

Bitminter uses artificial intelligence to predict the needs of traders. This reduces the time spent searching for various features and features. The platform has a clear interface and can work with GPUs. In the software settings, it is simple and easy to navigate, search for the necessary functions, and create tasks.

Supports a variety of hardware

Bitminter is compatible with a variety of hardware. The application can work with ASIC chips and graphics cards. It is well compatible with external ASIC devices such as Chili, Butterfly Labs Block Erupter USB, Antminer U1 / U2, and Red / Blue Fury.

Application for computers

The Bitminter client is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems. It is based on the Java Network Startup protocol and does not require installation. The program has a simple and intuitive interface. To work, the user needs to register in the mining pool on the website. And then configure your ASIC hardware.

The Bitminters website impresses with its simplicity. It looks primitive compared to other mining pools. But at the same time, it displays up-to-date operational statistics about rewards, successes, shifts, as well as the API service. The work is registered in shifts. Shifts are usually divided into groups of 10. A new shift starts when 1/10 of the block is completed or a new block is won. 99% of all mining revenue is paid to customers.

Creating an account

You can create an account only through the Bitminte website. To do this, you need to fill out the registration form in the pool on the site. After registration, the user gets access to the toolbar, with which he can proceed with the configuration.

The Bitminter Mining Pool was originally designed to run a mining client for CPUs, although these were shortened with ASICs. The software has several ways to monitor your client, with on-screen options, pop-ups, and an additional flow of information.

The interface on the left displays information about hashrates. You should start mining by clicking the “Engine Start” button. The process can be tracked at any time in the “Stats” section. It displays information about how much time was spent on the work, the number of confirmations, rejected / accepted decisions. These values can be reset at any time.

The text console is located in the lower part of the program’s working window. It provides the user with information about the update.

Security and fees

Bitminter does not support the two-factor authentication method. In the software mining pool, a commission of 1% is charged. But you can use additional privileges. You can get them by collecting your donations. For example, a deposit to your account before the block is confirmed.

Support Service

The app takes care of its users. In order to quickly resolve current customer issues, a support service has been created. To solve problems, you can contact the developers via the website. It is possible to send questions by email. In this case, the call center specialists will contact the user in a few minutes to solve the problem. The current issues on working with the program can be solved by Live Chat. The support team is friendly and tries to offer maximum assistance to investors.

Overall rating

The priority for the Bitminter application is to achieve maximum profit from mining on cryptocurrency exchanges. The brand has already mined more than 200,000 bitcoins. Perhaps the software has slowed down a bit compared to the new brands. But it has a loyal user base that works tirelessly to find blocks and support the program. If you decide to engage in mining on a regular basis, Bitminter will help you make good money in this area.

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