Bfgminer program: configuration, usage features

Before you start mining cryptocurrency, you need to figure out which mining device to use, which software to use, and choose the most profitable pool. Using a video card to mine virtual coins is not so difficult, especially if you learn how to properly use the available tools.

Once the miner is installed and properly configured, you will not have to make any effort to make a profit. In addition to the video card, you can also mine on the processor and on special ASIC devices for mining.

Features of mining on video cards

If you decide to mine with a video card, then you need to choose the best one. So, AMD produces its graphics cards with a special infrastructure that is predisposed to mining, as opposed to Nvidia cards, which have a very low hashrate, which makes them not very convenient for mining. The best Nvidia cards give less than 1/2 megahash. Laptops are even less suitable for crypto mining because of their hardware.

For full-fledged mining, you will need a desktop system and necessarily high-quality cooling. A video card or several, if mining is performed on several cards, must match the motherboard, and it, in turn, must have as many PCI-E connectors as there are video cards available.

To achieve the best cooling, it is recommended to remove the protective covers from the system unit.

Before purchasing equipment, it makes sense to pre-weigh your capabilities and calculate the future profit from mining on special sites-calculators.

Preparing for mining on a video card

To do this, you will need:

  • Desktop computer;
  • Graphics cards (better than AMD);
  • Motherboard with the right number of PCI-E ports;
  • Mining software (it is better to use the recommended settings of BFGminer).

Perhaps the most important thing in mining is the software. The best option is to use BFGMiner. This is a type of console program that is controlled by entering commands. It is worth understanding how this software differs from the others, and what are the subtleties of setting up BFGminer so that the mining process is most productive.

BFGMiner-mining program for using GPU (graphics cards)

BFGMiner has a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other similar programs. This is the ability to interact with FPGA devices. In addition to the ease of setting up BFGminer, this feature makes it the most popular among not only experienced miners, but also beginners.

The distinctive features of BFGMiner include:

  • Performance that is significantly higher than that of similar programs in terms of hardware resources used;
  • Mining can be performed on different devices – on processors, video cards and special ASIC devices;
  • It is possible to perform fine tuning of BFGminer;
  • The speed and frequency of the cooling system coolers can be adjusted by the user.

The most current version of the program is 5.4.2, which is provided by the developer for free download on the official website.

Setting up a program for mining on video cards

Before you start mining, you should create a wallet for the cryptocurrency that you have decided to mine and register on a suitable pool.

After that, you need to download the latest version of the program. Different video cards require different distributions. For AMD, some, and others for Nvidia cards. It should be borne in mind that some antivirus programs perceive such programs negatively.

Unzip all received files to a separate folder on your PC. In the same folder, you need to create a file with the extension”*. bat”, which will set the launch parameters of BFGMiner. You can assign any name to the file, the main thing is not to forget later what kind of file it is. The extension must be “*bat”.

An example of a *. bat file for mining BFGMiner on

bfgminer — s crypt-ostratum + tcp: / / specifies the pool site address: port number-p password-u login-Sopencl: auto-intensity9 — w 512

This example should be changed by specifying the BFGMiner 5.4.2 configuration instead and at the same time performing it:

  • The address of the pool – the pool on which it was decided to engage in mining;
  • Port number – the pool used for operation (usually its number is specified depending on what is being mined and how many cards are being used);
  • Password – usually the password specified during registration on the pool is taken (they try not to change it);
  • The login is also from the pool (the registration number of the miner);
  • Intensity can be specified in the range from 1 to 20-this depends on the type of device used for mining. It is recommended to select this value experimentally.

After completing these steps, the configuration of BFGMiner 5.4.2 can be considered complete.

Download BFGMiner

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