Atikmdag patcher 1.4.9

Atikmdag patcher — cancels driver signature verification for video cards on chipsets to ensure high resolutions and frequencies, removing clock frequency limits, it is also used for correct driver operation after flashing video cards and removes overclocking limits.

Download Atikmdag patcher 1.4.8

At the moment, the latest version of the program is atikmdag patcher 1.4 8. Newer ones that offer download from different sources, forums, sites, etc. are fakes and scammers! 

What is the Аtikmdag patcher for?

Atikmdag Patcher 1.4.8 is needed after — when no drivers are installed on the flashed video card or error 43 pops up after the firmware (the device reported an error). If you do not see the video card after the firmware or the drivers are not installed, this patch will help you. After flashing the BIOS, it is required.

How to use Аtikmdag patcher

  • Download and unpack to any convenient place;
  • Run the file «Atikmdag-Patcher-1.4.8»
  • Wait until the program finds all the limits, select «Yes» to fix and re-sign the driver.

(If something went wrong, try reinstalling your graphics card driver)


If at startup it shows the error driver file too large, then your patcher is older than version 1.4.8, it should also be suitable for new adrenalin drivers.

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