Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use network scanner for analyzing local area networks (LAN) for Windows. The collection of information, including IP and MAC addresses, takes place in a matter of seconds. The program scans all devices on the network, provides access to shared folders and FTP servers, and allows you to remotely turn on and manage computers via Radmin.

Program features

Easy access to network folders

Remote access via RDP and Radmin

Determining MAC addresses

remote computer switching an and off

Export to CSV

Quick Start — no installation required


Save the list

Saves a list of all the PCs from the current tab. The file can be saved in .xml, html, .csv.

  • you can save it from the context menu — click «Save selected»;
  • from the main menu — «File => Save as…».

Upload a list

You can use your PC list and upload it to your Favorites. To do this, use only .xml files, other formats are not read.

  • Main Menu = > «File => Upload to Favorites».

Toolbar — Class C Subnet

This function allows you to set the initial IP address as ***.***.***.0 and the last IP as ***.***.***.255, where «* * * » is the current value of the entered IP.

  • Toolbar = > «Class C Subnet» button

Toolbar — The subnet of this computer

You can set the start and last IP according to your subnet mask.

  • toolbar = > » IP » button

Tools — Ping

Opens the terminal with the command «ping» to the remote PC.

  • context menu = > «Tools => Ping»
  • Main menu = > «Actions => Tools => Ping»

Tools — Tracert

This is a terminal window with the trace command to trace the route to the remote PC.

  • Context Menu => Tools => Tracert;
  • Main Menu => Actions => Tools => Tracert.

Tools — Telne

Launches a terminal window that shows the connection to the computer via the standard Telnet port

  • context menu => Tools => Telnet
  • main menu => Tools => Telnet

Tools — SSH

You can connect to the selected device using an SSH client. The client is specified in the «Settings => Options => Advanced» window.

  • context menu => Tools => SSH
  • main menu => Actions => Tools => SSH

Options — Performance

In order to scan the device several times, you need the «High scan accuracy» option. This takes longer, but significantly improves the accuracy of the scan.

You can change the scan speed yourself. Depending on the position of the slider, the CPU and network load increases or decreases.

To save the settings, click «OK».

  • main menu — Settings => Options => Performance.

Options — Resources

This section allows you to select the resources that will be scanned. The less is selected, the faster the scan will be.

«OK» — saves the settings.

  • main Menu = > «Settings => Options => Resources»

Options — Advanced

In this section, you will see additional program settings: automatic update check, select SSH client, Telnet client, FTP client, HTTP client. + you can enable the use of the portable version of Radmin Viewer and specify the path for it.

You can enable color alternation in the table.

  • main menu — Settings => Options => Advanced

Shutting down the computer

Allows you to turn off the PC remotely. Of course, if you have rights.

  • main Menu — Actions = > Disable
  • Context Menu — Disable
  • Toolbar — «Turn off computers» button

When you click the «Disable» button, you will see the following window where you can select the checkboxes you need.

  • Forced shutdown
  • Reboot
  • Message — will show the user in the window «your computer will be restarted».

Cancel remote shutdown

Allows you to cancel a remote shutdown for the selected devices.


Sends this command to the selected devices. This command will only work for those PCs for which the MAC addresses were determined.

  • main menu — Actions => Wake-on-LAN
  • context menu — Wake-On-LAN
  • toolbar — Wake-On-LAN button

View your computer

  • main menu — Actions = > View
  • context menu — View
  • toolbar — «View» button

Connect via HTTP

Connects to the selected PC via the HTTP protocol using a browser of your choice. The desired client is specified in the Options => Advanced window. If no client is specified, the default client is used.

  • main menu — Actions = > HTTP
  • list of computers — expand the PC by double — clicking the mouse, click
  • HTTR toolbar — HTTP button

Connect via HTTPS

Similar to the previous point, just click on the HTTPS icon

Connect via FTP

Allows you to connect to your computer via FTP using a browser. You can set any FTP client.

  • main menu — Action = > FTP device
  • list — open the PC by double — clicking the mouse, then open the » FTP «
  • toolbar => button

Connect via Radmin

Run radmin to connect to the device.

  • main menu — Actions => Radmin
  • Context Menu => Radmin

Connect via Remote Desktop Protocol

Developed by Microsoft, a protocol for remote access. It provides a graphical interface through which you can work remotely on the device via a network connection.

Connects to the selected PC via the RDP protocol

  • main menu — Action => RDP
  • context menu-RDP
  • list of computers — double-click the PC shortcut, double-click RDP.

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